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Video Rewind

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Title: Video Rewind  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: The Rolling Stones discography, Rewind (1971–1984)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Video Rewind

Video Rewind
File:Video Rewind.jpg
Directed by Julien Temple
Starring The Rolling Stones
Music by The Rolling Stones
Release date(s) 1984
Language English

Video Rewind by The Rolling Stones is a compilation of video clips recorded between 1972–1984. Instead of just presenting unrelated clips and videos just strung together, it uses a framing 'story', featuring Mick Jagger and Bill Wyman, directed by Julien Temple and includes some video directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. It was first released in 1984 on the VHS, Laserdisc, and CED Videodisc format by Vestron home video.

Framing footage

The video starts with Bill Wyman - who conceived and developed the compilation [1] - in a guard's uniform, making his way through the British Museum, until he reaches a buried storage room with the label, "Exhibit of Ancient Antiquities". He gains entrance with an American Express Gold Card. Inside the room is a plethora of rock memorabilia. Wyman walks through, making comments on some of the items - " A Gary Glitter chest wig.....authentic!". On seeing a c.1965 Paul McCartney jacket with a MBE on it, he comments, "They never did give us one of these, did they?" - and takes it from the jacket. He sits down at a computer terminal, and pulls up the first video. After the first video, he remembers that something might be in the room. He pulls a cloth off an exhibit - which is Jagger - in suspended animation wearing a c.1973 stage outfit. Wyman wakes Mick up, and they go through the exhibit, 'playing' videos on such things as a microwave oven and an old TV, but mostly on Wyman's stylized computer, making pithy comments all throughout: MICK: "Bill, you ever try and sleep in the same room as Keith?" BILL: "No..but Ive tried to sleep in the same hotel as him!', and so on. The piece ends with real museum guards crashing through the locked door and carrying Bill off, Jagger still in the exhibit glass. Then the image fades to Bill being waken up backstage by Mick - it's time to go on. However, Wyman now has an MBE on his jacket.

Track listing

  • Midnight Rambler - from ‘Cocksucker Blues’-movie, part only
  1. "She Was Hot" - promo 1984
  2. "She's So Cold" - promo 1980
  3. "Emotional Rescue" - mix of both promos 1980
  4. "Waiting On A Friend" - promo 1981
    • interview with Keith Richards (Norman Gunston Show Australian TV ‘78)
    • "Satisfaction" - Hampton 18.12.81, part only
  5. "Angie" - promo 1973 (version 1, with Mick Jagger sitting)
  6. "Brown Sugar" - live mix 1972/76/81
    • footage from Cocksucker Blues - movie 1972
  7. "Neighbours" - promo 1981
  8. "Too Much Blood" - promo 1984
  9. "It’s Only Rock ’n Roll" - promo 1974
  10. "Miss You" - promo 1978, part only
  11. "Undercover of the Night" - promo 1983 (version II)
  12. "Start Me Up" - live mix 1981/82 (f.e. Hampton 81, Leeds 82)
    • interview with Mick Jagger (after show in Memphis ‘78 (N. Gunston Show 1978)
    • + more very short footage through the years


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